Saturday, March 13, 2010


The Snowdrops in the right hand border are still flowering away beautifully. I never realised they were so intricate with the inner markings beneath the big petals. I have enjoyed where clumps of Snowdrops have flowered. they definitely look more impressive grouped together rather than singly.
I spent four hours at the allotment on Thursday. My muscles ached all yesterday at work! The digging and kneeling hurt my legs more than i knew. The winter lay off between Xmas and the Snows has made me forget how hard it is to clear weed/grass infested soil.
I have a mental picture now of where everything will grow. What areas to clear, and what areas to cover up.
The house move will limit the amount of time we have to do the allotment. This year will be a basic clearing, building, and planting a few staple crops like Potatoes and Onions.
I caught the sun on my face at the allotment. It was good to be outside again.


KatieLovesDogs said...

I love snowdrops, too. They always make my heart sing to see the first flowers in the spring. I appreciate the picture that you took.

Matsouille said...

It's nice to see nature's evolution season by season, I also love snapping pics of my garden especially now since bulbs start to peak out.