Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Singing Bird

I'm back blogging at last. Its been five days since my birthday. Alice in Wanderland was amazing in 3D with Johnny Depp.Go and see it!
This bird was singing like crazy the other day. I know Spring is near because I have watched the Magpies nest building, and heard lots of bird song singing for territory and mates. This bird kept singing even when i was photographing him.
The house move is close but we do not have a completion date. I have not been doing anything in this garden because we are leaving it soon.
I will go to the allotment tomorrow to dig over the plot ready for our Onions and Potatoes. I have not sowed any Cabbage seeds yet. The more pots I make the more there is to carry to the new house, so for once in my life im being restrained.
The shops are full of Vegetable packs, seeds, pots, watering cans, and every manner of gardening sundrys. Tempting you back into the garden. Today the sun was shining and with the Crocuses glowing like coloured sweets, and the green of the grass it looked like Spring.
I have been watching Lambing Live over the past few nights with Kate Humble and Adam Henson from Countryfile. They are broadcasting from a Welsh farm in the middle of the Lambing season. There are over three hundred Ewes on that farm, and they were all giving birth on the TV.
Lambs galloping around lush green fields is part of the British countryside for hundreds of years.
The only flower that has not been showing is the garden Daffodils. the very cold winter has delayed them flowering. Our front garden has hundreds just bursting with flower buds and leaves but no flowers.
Thanks for all the Happy Birthday wishes.


Sue Swift said...

I grew up in London but behind our house was/is a park with what is now called an urban farm. when I was about 7 I and my friends used to go and see the animals every day and the park keepers got to know us. One year one of the Jacobs sheep refused to feed her lamb and it had to be bottle fed. the park keeper asked me if I'd like to "adopt" the lamb and go every day after school to feed it. I don't think I've ever felt so proud and responsible in my life ...

Leslie Saeta said...

I have a quick question for you. I am an oil painter that frequently paints flowers and I am looking for photos to use as inspirations for my paintings. Can you direct me as to where or from whom I might find photos of flowers? Thanks!

David (Snappy) said...

Thats a lovely story Sue. I enjoyed Lambing Live and reading the comments on Kate Humbles Blog it inspired quite a lot of people...
Leslie, go to a website where gardening blogs are listed. You can peruse them for beautiful flower photos. Late Spring and Summer will give you lots of inspiration. My blog has many photos (how many?) of flowers from all over..