Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blue Star

Flowering under the Tulips is this pale lilac Chionodoxa, or Glory Of The Snow. These were already in the garden when we moved here. It has missed the snow by about a month. Where these are native in Turkey they must bloom through the mountain snow.
We went shopping yesterday and found lots of black tarpaulin covering for the allotment, and the black path material. A job this week will be to take up all the nice goodies.
I bought a wildlife book today in the works by Chris Packham. The guy from the Really Wild Show, and the Spring/Autumn watch programmes on BBC 2. It shows how to spot wildlife around your house and garden, without traveling miles.
We are going to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park today if the weather holds, near Doncaster.They have been in the news recently having rescued some neglected Lions from a Romanian Zoo. The wildlife park raised the £250,000 needed to bring them back to Yorkshire and to build an enclosure for them. We wont see them today :( because they are still in quarantine.
I moved the Bird feeder station closer to the house yesterday. I'm waiting to see if the birds can find it.

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