Friday, March 26, 2010

Lily Of The Inca's

These flowers were bought from Asda and have bloomed wonderfully. They are Peruvian Lily's or Alstroemeria. They are in two different colours; Apricot, and Pink. They have been artfully arranged by me in Cats red glass vase. With only a handful of Spring Flowers in bloom its a good time of year to brighten the house up with flowers.

These gorgeous flowers were named after a Swedish Baron called Clas Alstromer. A French Botanist (Feullie) took the seeds from South America in 1753.

My favourite common name for them is Lily Of The Inca's. Indiana Jones would love these ornately decorated flowers in a rainbow of different colours. They are not scented, so good for Cats Asthmatic chest.
We have been shopping today and ordered a six foot by four foot shed for the allotment.The next job is to level the area and lay slabs down ready for the construction of the shed.
I bought some books today and keeping Chickens. Its been an idea for a while, so I thought I would read as many books as possible to educate myself.
I have got some tent pegs too for securing the allotments pathways between the rows of Potatoes and Vegetables. I might try to grow Dahlias, and Peruvian Lily's up at the allotment for cut flowers.
I love the intricate patterns and individual markings on each of the flowers. They are things of Beauty.


Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog today - love the photos! I bought two bunches of these flowers a few weeks ago - they lasted for nearly 3 weeks!

I kept chickens for years and loved them enough to give them all names - the one drawback with keeping them is the vermin they attract. Have you got a good mouser?

silverseason said...

The other thing about chickens is that at least some of the domestic varieties have had all their native intelligence bred out of them. You have to make allowances.