Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wild Flowers And Seeds

When I was up at the allotment I photographed this little Blue Speedwell flower. A common weed but it has beautiful colours. I kept walking over them and treaded them into the muddy earth. Preserving the lovely blue of the flower like pressing it. I enjoyed my wildflower find.
You can walk around and see beauty in wild flowers. Growing on grass verges, on disused grounds, and wild areas of gardens. The farmers fields here become a sea of blood red Poppies in the summer. The red swathes across the fields can be seen for miles around. Their is complexity too as well as beauty in Wildflowers. How many of our garden flowers have been grown from crossing wild flowers? The Wild Viola looks like a smaller version of Johnny Jump Up Heartsease with the purple and yellow faces..
There is still no news of when we can move into the new house. I have put some Potatoes on the kitchen windowsill to chit. Ready to grow in the grow bags that have supplied our new potatoes for the past two years. The Potatoes are early ones called Catriona, a Scottish heirloom variety. The others I have just got out of the greenhouse to start chitting indoors are called Annabelle. I hope they taste nice.
I will sow some Cabbage seeds today in pots to start off my Summer allotment vegetables. I managed before to grow all my Veg plants from seeds which I was quite proud off. This year I may have to give in and buy Veg plants from garden centres.
The imminent move is curtailing my seed sowing. I always get carried away and end up sowing hundreds of pots. There is a Jack and the Beanstalk magic to sowing pots with tiny seeds, and seeing them grow into beautiful flowers in the garden.
The Sun is shining today and the Blackbirds have been in the garden hopping around looking for worms. A young Juvenile with a bright orange beak. He was drawing lots of worms out of the ground for his dinner. I still get captivated watching the garden birds doing what they do naturally. Lots of people are completely unaware of the wildlife in their gardens, and streets.
Spring must be near with Sunshine, Blackbirds, chitting Potatoes, and sowing seeds. The growing season will start again now the soil is warming up.

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