Saturday, January 17, 2009


The Rhodadendron Shamrock has these delicate flower buds on it.I cannot wait for it to flower with its lime green flowers.This was a pass along plant from Hil's.
It seems quite resiliant to the cold winter weather and being in a pot because of its need for Ericaceous soil..
I hope the flower is as pretty as the bud.I'm working all weekend so it will be short posts.
I enjoy nurturing new plants and trying to make them flower, and fufill their potential..
I have been like that since my first trick of growing a Spider Plant.
D.G.Hessayan has a lot to answer for :)
His houseplant books inspired me to look for the plants within his book.My mum gave me it for Xmas one year.The passion for gardening exploded from then.
Their is something satisfying in seeing a plant grow, and flower with your care.I have been hooked since!


Lesley said...

Sounds like a lovely Rhodo.... looking forward to seeing a photo of it in flower.

Your love of growing things is all down to your mum! She inspired you from an early age. :) I was the same and spent many hours in the garden with my dad from being a toddler. Along with the good old Doctor H, we can thank our parents. :D

I'm going to be getting a Spider Plant soon for my office (the spare room lol)..... I read that it's amongst the top environmental houseplants for 'greening up' the home.

Lona said...

I love Rhodies and have never saw this one. Please show us a picture when it blooms. Sounds very unusual.

David (Snappy) said...

hi Lesley, I read before that having plants in the house is good as they act as natural ionisers and clean the air.I have one by the decorative fireplace and two babys which have grown very slowly.I hope they flourish this year for me.I even managed to the Spiderplant to flower a few years ago.I did not even know they did flower!The green bug comes from my Mum im sure...
Hi Lona, I certainly will photograph the Rhodie when it flowers.It was a gift plant so i have never seen it bloom!