Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bird Watch

I got the latest RSPB magazine that mentions that the yearly Garden Bird watch will be held on the weekend of the 24th and 25th January 2009.
Across the UK people will sit or stand for an hour and count the number of birds in the garden at the same time across an hour.
The RSPB collates all the data (from 40,000 plus people) for a snapshot of the bird population across the UK's regions.
Last year in the hour that I did it not a dickie bird appeared!
I hope they visit more freely when i am sat watching with my pencil and identification poster!
They do cheer me up when the garden is still sleeping through the winter.My own garden spirits...


Lucy Corrander said...

For a while, the numbers and varieties of birds which visited my garden was growing. Then there was an explosion in the local cat population. Hardly any come now - in fact, I discourage them. There's always a feline lurking somewhere nearby.


Lesley said...

Lol, the little sparrow looks like he has a beard. :D

Every year I make a mental note to participate in the RSPB bird count and every year the day goes past and I forget! This year I will make a proper note on my calendar!

Maybe you could put food out as the hour approaches David, or would that be cheating do you think? :)

David (Snappy) said...

Thats a shame Lucy about the booming Cats population.I put my feeders in the air to try and prevent the birds being attacked by the cats...
Hi Lesley, there has been food in the garden and water since I moved in here over a year ago.I wanted a wildlife and bird friendly garden.If I move the feeders and tables will come with me.They give me hours of pleasure watching them and trying to photograph them.I'm working the weekend now so I wont get to do the bird watch untill after.Maybe on monday I will do a late garden bird watch!