Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Spokane And Stone Cat

The stone Cat looks on in the garden.The soil has frozen solid now. The birds water bowls have solid ice in them now. I will refill them up with fresh water so the garden birds have something to drink and wash with.
The buds I noticed today were on my two Camellias, the Hydrangea, the Raspberry bush, and the Shamrock Rhodadendron that Hils gave me last year..
The tender plants have succumbed to the cold weather. Jack Frost is clearing away last years plants ready for a new growing season. The bare patches will be blank canvas for new planting and colourful flowers.
The Roses need trimming to encourage new growth but I think I will wait a month.
I read on my comments there is a Lilac Festival in Spokane. The 71st festival since 1938.
I am not the only one who loves the dreamy Lilac flowers.
It has been below freezing for five days here. The thought of Flower Shows and Festivals reminds us that warmer days will come soon. Sunny days with fragrant flowers and soft breezes.
I will take some more photos soon of what is flowering in the House...


VW said...

Glad you checked out the festival! I'm hoping to get to the lilac gardens at Manito park this spring and post pictures. Regards, VW

Lesley said...

He reminds me of the cat from Alice in Wonderland. :D

What houseplants do you have, David? I've never been very good with them. I have a Peace Lily at the moment, but the leaves are starting to look a bit dry. One of my sons gave me an orchid a few years ago and it survived for a good while, but I could never get it to flower again. :(

I don't know if it's the central heating that kills them off..... or maybe I just don't know enough about houseplants to look after them!

David (Snappy) said...

Hi VW, I hope you get some spectacular photos from the Festival.I read the history on the website, it seems like a fun day with all the carnival floats and partys!
Hi Lesley, I have a Peace Lily,an Aspidistra, Spider plant, Bird of Paradise, two Xmas Cactus, one Spiny hairy Cactus, an Orchid,a Kalancoe (rescued plant), six Streptocarpus, two Cape Primroses,a Parlour Palm, and a Hawaiian wedding plant!
That is much less plants than before.My last house killed a lot of my plants off.So these are the survivors!!