Friday, January 16, 2009

Flowers And Seeds

The Petunia in the hanging basket is made of strong stuff. It is flowering in January despite all the cold weather and freezing temperatures.
I looked around today at new growth on the winter survivors. The Sedum has grown at the base of the plant, compact green leaves that will grow upwards when its warmer.
The Verbena Bonarensis is growing at the base, and amazingly the Chrysanthenums are growing new plants at the base beneath the frost bitten flowers.
The soil has many bulbs pushing up from the ground now. I cannot remember what I planted where so it will be a suprise when they do flower.
I sowed the last of my Cabbage Excel seeds today ready for this years growing season at the allotment. I also sowed Parsnip seeds in my green container.
I harvested some baby Leeks Armor and Carrots Amsterdam Sprint which were lovely and long, and not eaten much by slugs.
There are already Cabbages at the Allotment. I want to buy some Leek seeds and start them off in the greenhouse.
I am still deciding what Vegetables to grow this year. The ones I enjoyed the most last year were the Potatoes, Cabbages, Onions, Courgettes, Parsnips, and French Beans.
I will grow herbs and soft fruit in the garden as it is nice to walk from the kitchen to harvest them for cooking.The pleasure from eating something you have grown is amazing..
Before all the growing I need to prepare the allotment beds.Digging over, and adding more compost to make the soil deeper over the clay.
The thought of cooking and eating the Vegetables will keep me going through the heavy labour of digging over eight beds at the allotment.
I enjoyed the soil on my hands today harvesting and sowing seeds. My garden spirits have begun to glow after the winter.


Lesley said...

I know what you mean David.... there's nothing quite like getting your hands mucky out in the garden! The feeling of being at one with nature is fantastic.

You've been busy with all the seeds you've sown. I'm off out down to the greenhouse today to pot on some young plants.

That's amazing your petunia in flower! I've never known a petunia to flower at this time of year.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Lesley,I did enjoy getting the soil on my hands again after the winter layoff.The urge to feel the earth is deep within us all.I still enjoy planting seeds now, and seeing the plants develop.The wander of it never ceases to amaze me.
The Petunia is certainly tough.I never knew of any that survived the freezing temperatures.The baskets were lined with fake moss so whether that helped protect the roots I dont know.
I like potting on too and have too many plant pots in the out house ready for the potting on..