Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Late Garden Bird Watch

I sat down today at the kitchen window for an hour looking at the garden counting the birds that flew in throughout the hour. My own late Garden Birdwatch.I have submitted my results to the RSPB online. The fat balls hung by the kitchen window had seen some action.I was suprised to see the two House Sparrows fly upto it a few feet from me to feed...

A pair of Blue Tits hang onto the fat balls.I forgot to take the green netting off these and they seem to have lasted ages, compared to the fat balls with no netting.They are so quick in and out of the garden from the privet.

A pair of Female House Sparrows hopped around the right hand border. You can see the green tips from the spring bulbs growing out of the tubs.
A Robin, and a Blackbird came into the garden too, high above in the trees a Crow and a Magpie watched on.
This years bird watch surpassed last year when none appeared in the hour that I watched.Its good for the soul to sit down and watch them with a cup of coffee in hand.
I will look at the new Thompson And Morgan plant catalogue I got yesterday.They are offering plug plants and pot plants.I may cheat and buy a few from them to give the summer garden some colour and scent.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there. It's me again and it's that time of the morning again lol. I love the picture of the house sparrows on the fat balls. They are definately lassting longer with the netting in place. I've not seen your blog for some time and have missed it. Having a quiet 5 minutes at work before the onslaught begins again. Hope you are deep asleep and having sweet dreams. Will see you soon. Cat