Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Patayter Caper

Taken today in the cold, grey day the one Hellebore with a flower bud growing over the birds water bowl.These had spectacular flowers last year, with the most amazing design in the centre. I like the blurred feel for this flower bud, above the cold and damp soil, with last years leaves fading in the soil.
I went out today to find seed Potatoes at Wilkos. When I got there they had all sold out. I cant believe how quick they emptied their stock!
I walked to Homebase and was leaving when I found Seed Potatoes on a trolley by the exit.
I have two mini bags of New Potatoes called Charlotte and Nichola for the garden grow bags. I will start them off indoors like last year on the kitchen floor...
The allotment Potatoes are Sharpes Express (first early) and Maris Piper (maincrop). I bought some Leek Musselburgh seeds which I have sowed tonight. I bought a Horse Radish root too from Wilkos, and a Hot Chilli Tabasco seeds to grow in a pot.
The birds got a bag of bird food. I got a text saying did you buy any food for yourself? Which of course I had not!
I need to order some seeds from Marshalls. I want this year to grow some Pumpkins, Butternut Squash, and Patty Pan type Squash. I could not find any Squash seeds so I'll mail order them.
The gardeners book has come out so I can write down what I have sowed and when. To try and keep track of the garden and allotment.
Spring may be a few months away but I am preparing for the coming growing season. Buying seeds and tubers makes me happy for things to come and vegetables to harvest.
The blog post title comes from the musical Oklohoma which I watched with Cat. I loved the rural spellings in the songs...


clairesgarden said...

you're weather must be much milder than it is here! there is a lot of tidying up needing done but its too wet and cold.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Claire,I always get impatient during January to start in the garden.I do not mind the cold and wet, although a sunny day makes it more pleasant.Im only doing a few jobs at a time..