Monday, January 26, 2009

New Growth

The Sedum has all new growth at the bottom of the plant. It has the leaves curled up like little Roses that capture the fallen rain between them. Little gems of water.
I went to the allotment on friday to dig some of the beds. The rain had turned the soil very sticky and cloggy.
I left the big bed to dig, and two new ones to form. I moved the Broadbeans to the Cabbage bed, and the two Garlics I found in the soil as I turned it.
No seeds have come yet from Marshalls, maybe tomorrow.
I want to move my Strawberry plants into a new bed by the Rhubarb. It has died back to the ground but has little red spears appearing from the crown.
I worked the weekend and missed the great garden birdwatch. I will try to do an hour watching this week to fill my form in.
The seeds I planted have started to germinate. The Leeks, Red Onion Florence, Cabbage Excel, and the Peas in the paper pots.
One of my Hyacinths has flowers on in the kitchen. I will photograph that tomorrow in daylight.
January is speeding by so quick. Things are growing now.

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joco said...

Is "cloggy" the same as "claggy"?

You tidied that plant up I notice. Mine still have the topgrowth on so I can't see the regrowth.