Thursday, January 08, 2009

Fragrant Flower

The Hyacinths at Cats have developed faster than mine in my kitchen.I have three bulbs growing in the kitchen windowsill that are at the open leave stage.
This faster Hyacinth has opened and started to flower, with its lovely candy sticks smell.
I have a half dozen in the garden too but they are still slumbering under the cold soil.
Its good to have some colour and scent in January.The simple Hyacinth is a good symbol of the seasons moving from winter towards spring.
I hope mine flower soon.


Lucy Corrander said...

I think growing hyacinths on top of glass jars at infant school (so we could see the roots) was one of the major influences in life which led me to an interest in plants.

Lucy Corrander

Lesley said...

In general, hyacinths are a pretty flower but when you look more closely at each floret, you can see real beauty. This one is a lilac with wine stripes down the centre....truly gorgeous! Mmmmmmmm, looking at this photo I'm imagining that wonderful hyacinth scent..... awwwww, I wish I had some! :D

Lona said...

Well you answered a question I had been wondering about.This is my first attempt at forcing hyacinths, (they are just starting) and I was wondering if the fragrance was as good when they were forced as it was grown outdoors. Now I can not wait until mine are large enough to bloom.

clairesgarden said...

I've had a couple of years of failures with my hyacinths so have not grown any this year, my mum has some succesful ones and they're at about the same stage as the one in your picture.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Lucy,I have never grown Hyacinths in a glas jar to see the roots.Maybe next year I can try...
Hi Lesley, the camera helps us see the inner beauty of flowers and plants.Colours and patterns we might not see from a distance.The scent is lovely and I do like the Hyacinths..
HHG, the fragrance is the same if they are grown outdoors or inside.The plants flower months before their outdoor cousins.I sniffed both last year too!
Hi Claire, as the saying goes if you dont succede at first try and try again.I do not do bad with Hyacinths.This is the second year I have grown them!