Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pink Day And A Puppy

One of my house plants in flower.The Xmas Cactus that Cat got me last year has flowered. Two of these delightfully complex flowers.It reminds me of a ornate fish swimming through tropical waters with billowing pink edges..
I have Amaryllis flowering too.All the rest are waiting for the Spring.
Its gone from being freezing to mild and wet.I still need to get to the allotment.We went to see Hil's who was puppy sitting for some neighbours.
He was a lovely chocolate coloured Labrador, with very cute eyes but sharp teeth.He was called Bruno (see side bar)
The bulbs in the garden are growing slowly, and even my kitchen Hyacinths are growing slowly.
I have one more day off before going back to work.I need to start making paper pots ready for the spring.I want to sow lots of seeds to make flowers..


Lesley said...

Yes it DOES look like a tropical fish! :D How beautiful it is to see it so close up. And the puppy's gorgeous!

My computer's at the 'puter hospital' just now, so I'm using one at the local library.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Lesley, hope your computer is fixed soon.I'm glad you liked the Xmas Cactus photo :)