Monday, January 05, 2009

Lilac Dreams

Even when its cold and dark the site of a plant or tree with buds on gives us hope that it will be spring soon.When the bulbs start to flourish in the cold soil and when these Lilac tree buds will burst into leaf.
The Lilac tree has the biggest pot I have ever bought to accomodate the big root ball.It is a healthy six feet tall and is festooned in these tight buds.
I hope it will flower this year so I can stand and smell the Lilac flowers.My Nans sister has a Lilac in her garden and I used to stand in front of it.
When I move to a house with a bigger garden the Lilac will come with me and be dug into the ground.I did not want to plant it here and then have to disturb the roots when i moved again.
The thought of Lilac trees is nice when its freezing outside like it is today.I have a few days off after today to get back into the garden to photograph whats growing..


Lesley said...

You're so right David..... it doesn't matter how cold it is, nothing holds back Nature's calendar. The buds still appear and the bulbs continue to push their way up through the soil.

You have a real treat in store when your lilac tree comes into flower! I think scented shrubs and flowers is one of the nicest things about gardens.

I'm looking forward to seeing the photos you'll be taking. :)

VW said...

Yes, I love tough lilac buds, too! I have 7 lilacs that were purchased last year and have yet to bloom for me, so I'm very excited to see those fat buds. Krasavitsky Moskvy (white) & Katherine Havemeyer (lavender) are the two types. I had to plant lilacs as my hometown, Spokane, is known as the city of lilacs and has a lilac festival/parade each May. Best wishes, VW

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Lesley, I noticed today all the buds and bulbs despite the freezing cold.I adore scented flowers and trees too.I will photograph the Lilac Tree when it flowers...
Thanks VW, I blogged the Spokane Lilac festival today.The thought of a festival appeals to me as its freezing today.
I bought the Lilac Tree over a year ago, one of the first plants I bought for the new garden.It grew leaves but no flowers.Fingers crossed for this year!
the city of Lilacs is a nice name.