Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Christmas Cactus in Bud

The Christmas Cactus from my Nans house has started growing flower buds the past week when i have been working nights. It is a strange plant being an Epiphytic cactus. The longer dark nights and lower temperatures I think have caused it to begin bud growth.

Sclhumbergera is the Genus name, I dont know much else about the plant except for where I got it from.


It sits most of the year quietly, occasionally dropping leaves, and sometimes looking dried up on the edges. It must be happy though if its developing flower buds. I hope they do not drop off before they open and have been photographed.

I must try to propogate it. Wikipedia says a sandy based soil will help the quarter buried leaf grow new plants. Its special plant to me because its an heirloom, a living memory of my late Nan. It was growing in her front facing dining room with the welsh dresser and dining room table. It was flowering when me and my sister were sorting the house out, and has a few times after.

This will be the first time that the Christmas cactus will be photographed for the Gardens blog though.


lisa said...

Nice! I have one actually blooming right now, and three more in bud. I have had sucess rooting these in water, though you need to leave as little under the water as possible, and it's a good idea to change the water if you see rot. I bet the sand would be easy, too.

Bob said...

Hi Snappy, Christmas Cactus are easy to grow from cuttings, if you do as you say and take off a segment and stick down the side of a pot it will more or less sure to grow. I just used ordinary multi purpose compost. A good idea is to put several around the edge of the pot and once rooted keep potting them on as one plant that way you will get a much bigger plant hence a better display of flowers. If I can remember I will do a post tomorrow on some cuttings I took this spring. Bob.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Lisa, I dropped by your blog today and left a few comments.I love your Indiana ceramic doll.I hope you keep it as a memento.Will see if you blog your xmas cactuses in flower!
Thanks UKBob, i will try the way you said to grow another plant!That way my Nans plant will grow on even if the original gets sick!
I will look to see if you post about your spring cuttings :)

Priscilla George said...

Mr Brown Thumb has some posts on christmas cactus. I've never had nor seen christmas cactus. I do hope you can root some cuttings and keep on growing your nans plant.