Friday, November 23, 2007

Swan Falls and Flower

The Christmas Cactus flower continues to unfurl its petals from the cylindrical bud.

A long day at work.It was cold this morning,and even colder on the way back. The new garden will be frozen by the weather.

In the south of England they have reported Berwick swans have settled into the waters, in numbers double of last year. Scientists take it that the Winter will be bitterly cold this year.

They have flown 3000 miles from the Artic Tundra on the cold Easterly winds that have been making us shiver.

If there is two things the British love, One is gardening, and the other is talking about the Weather. I think the Island shape of the country, and old reliance on agriculture and the sea have made us weather obsessed!

To the point of predicting the weather because of the arrival of Swans!


Priscilla George said...

I would love to see those swans. I think anyone that is obsessed with gardening will be obsessed with weather. Those two come hand in hand.

Sue Swift said...

Here so far it's been quite warm, but with sudden strange dips in temperature - like 15° (C) difference from one week to the other. i suspect anything could happen this winter ...

OldRoses said...

Here in the US, we count stripes on caterpillars! Sorry, I've forgotten what number of which color stripes indicates a harsh winter versus a mild one. Maybe someone else can fill that in for you. Somehow swans sound so much saner!

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Vanillalotus I will try to google some Berwick swan photos to show you them!
Thanks Sue,I dont know if it wil be cold here in winter as the papers are writing.I liked your Carnival blog posts!
Hi Oldroses, that seems mad a bit picking up hairy catepillars to look for stripes to tell the weather.It means people have been looking at the wildlife to see if they can predict the weather.I will google it after my night shift tonight :)