Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Garden Dreams

Am on a day off today after two long days at work. My move date has been postponed by a week due to the estate agents retraining!!
I will have to wait a week more to get my garden! The weeds will be thinking they have survived another year!
I love projects, and the winter one will be to renovate the back garden to its past glory. It showed signs of being cultivated once.
I got a brochure today from Crocus, with some beautiful Tulips and daffodils for sale. Spring bulbs.
I will need to buy some and plant them in a large bowl untill I can get them into some soil.
My window daffodil bulb from cheltenham is showing signs of growth now.
More time to plan the winter garden, and collect boxes for moving day. My plants will all need boxes to travel in to new windowsills.
I saw a lovely half moon three layer shelf today ( called an Etagere) in the crocus book. I will keep writing seed lists from all my flower catalogues that I have accumulated.
A week more of garden dreams...


verobirdie said...

oh, I"m so frustrated. The bulbs in Crocus are so tempting, but they sell only to UK Mainland...
I'm in France...
Anyway, thanks for the eyecandy.

Priscilla George said...

Too bad you have to wait longer. It's so close your garden. You will get there soon and have so much to do. Keep us posted on your hard garden work and garden plans.

Unknown said...

With your gardener's patience, you can survive one more week! :) (Especially if you fill it with thoughts of lovely plants... )

clairesgarden said...

glad you have a garden to look forward to. lots of plans to be made for spring then!

Janice said...

I love when the garden catalogs arrive in the mail. It's so much fun to dream and plan, just like you are doing!

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Verobirdie, Its a shame that they dont post to France.The EU has funny rules though about the movement of plants and seeds between member states.The British government has confusing guidelines too about what can and cant be brought back in to the UK..
Thanks Vanillalotus,The waiting has been unbelievable.If it could have gone wrong it did.I know now I have the house, just need to sign the contract and get the keys!
I need to look around again as the memory of it is fading!
Thanks Kim,The minds eye has been full of ideas about planting, and flowers. Winter growing vegetables and spring bulbs.I will have some soil soon to tend to :)
Hi Claire I will go bulb shopping today and start them off here in large pots.These spring bulbs can be transplanted when the soil at the house has been prepared!
Janice,The catalogues are like eye candy.You can look at them on winters evenings and dream where they could grow in your garden!I love getting new books from the plant and seed sellers!

Ewa said...

Hello Snappy,
Thanks for visiting my blog and introducing yourself. I just read your post there is one thing I am very curious about. How are you planning to work in the winter on garden renovation?
'curiosity killed the cat' :)

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Ewa,Thanks for dropping by.The first thing I need to do is photograph what is in the garden now.Not much if I remember right (but it has been six weeks since i saw the house).It needs the weeds removed as they are sleeping, the soil needs digging, and the borders raised up.I will try winter veg in a bag garden as well as planning the spring garden.It will be blogged once I have secured internet!