Thursday, November 22, 2007

Christmas Cactus and Kutani Cranes

Two photos of the Christmas Cactus with the Red flower slowly unfurling. Usually I come back from being away to see it had already flowered, so im enjoying monitoring its progress. It has one other formed flower bud, but I hope it flowers more. It has travelled from Selby and flowered every year. This is the fourth year I think. It has also supplied some leaves for propogating another plant.
I have seen other people who have the Xmas cactus (Lisa from Millertime has a few in red and tangerine colours).
For most people here its the kind of plant that sits happily in a pot most of the year, looking green with its linked leaves. When the daylight gets shorter it triggers a flowering response. The bright colours help cheer us up as the days are darker, colder, and wetter.
The flower reminds us that Christmas is drawing nearer, with its common name. It always reminds me now of my late Nan, and their house in Selby. Sweets and Biscuits in the cupboard by the front door. Giant home made Yorkshire puddings with Sunday roasts. Trains passing by the back garden, and on Sunday mornings Church bells used to peal. The kettle was always on at Nans, ready for another cuppa...
People pass away, but the memorys remain. I know people buy plants for gifts, and celebrations and then can recall where a plant came from. The power of suggestion must be in the chlorophyll or the flowers.
In Nans house the Christmas cactus was in the drawing room, with the Dining table always set, and the french dresser polished. Nestled between the windowill and the lace net curtains was the plant. It was the Best room, reserved for Celebrations and Dinners. She must have loved the plant given as a gift, because it was in the Best room.
The Plant pot is made by famous English makers Wedgewood, and has the popular Kutani Cranes on it. I just changed the top two inches of soil in the Summer. I kept the Cranes and Peonies as its home.
I hope it keeps flowering so I can photograph it and blog it to share with the world through the coming winter months.

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Kerri said...

Isn't it amazing how a simple plant, because of its longevity, can evoke such wonderful memories of dear ones now past?
I loved reading about your Nan, her house, and traditions.
The pot is so pretty. I have one small, cherished Wedgewood vase that was a wedding present. What do you do for drainage?
These flowers are wondrous indeed! Thanks for sharing the progress.