Saturday, November 24, 2007

Morning Star

The CC has finished its unfurling of its petals. The stamen and pollen are now exposed ready for some pollination. It is a spectacular star shape this morning, with the red petals opened like a windmill. They are almost Translucent so the Red shadows darken the centre. It stands out compared to the leaves behind it. Its an insects eyed view :)


Sue Swift said...

Lovely - I think I shall get one.

David (Snappy) said...

I have seen a few for sale here, with loads more flowers on than my humble two!Hope you find a plant Sue.

Kerri said...

The flower looks ethereal with the light shining through.
An elderly friend gave me one of these plants this past summer. It has bright red flowers.
My mum had 2 very large in your colour, and one in pink. Everything seemed to bloom beautifully for her. She had a very green thumb :)

lisa said...

Nice! I have one this shade as well, blooming away now also.