Monday, November 26, 2007

New Garden, New Shrub?

Oh happy days.I finally signed for the house today and took the keys. This is the first blogged photo of the garden. A teasing shot.
The internet needs moving on Wednesday so there will be a week or so with no blog :(
I took the first photos today on my mobile camera. I didnt think I would have the energy after the night shift.The excitement kept me awake for most of today.
What is this shrub? I wander if its a Skimmia.Its a big shrub..
The Snappy gardener now has a garden of sorts. Its like a secret garden as the weeds have overgrown it...
Im happy :) but tired. The last post untill the new internet will be tomorrow. I have a busy few days ahead with work, packing, and moving!


lisa said...

As much as you'll miss the blogging, I bet moving and gardening will keep you WAY busy! I'd never heard of "Skimmia", but I looked it up, and I think you're right....very cool.

Anonymous said...

Viburnum tinus.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Lisa,I love the white cat on the photo.The garden kept me from getting Internet withdrawel whilst BT sorted it out slowly.
Cloverann,Thank you.I think you are right it is a Viburnum, but I dont know which species.I will google it thanks :)