Sunday, November 18, 2007

Christmas Torch

A second bud on my Nans Christmas Cactus.It is a light pink colour compared to the red of the other flower bud. I have some leaves sat in a pot of soil to try and grow another plant on.
The Spider plant also has three baby plants growing alongside the main plant, with the stolon pinned down with a paper clip. Hopefully they will root in the smaller pot to give me three spider plants.
They make good house warming gifts. They are natural air purifiers. Spider plants and Peace Lilys. I have the cleanest air with fifty plants on three windowsills.
This week I need to start packing the flat up into boxes, ready to sign the contract, then try to get some help to move into the new house.
My spring bulb buying yesterday was unsuccessful because the plants and bulbs had been moved into the back of the shop. In their place was Christmas stuff, xmas trees, cards, tinsel, baubles, etc.
Wakefield has switched its Christmas lights on already. As the darkness falls they illuminate the cold nights. I love all the colours of the lights.
I wander if my Christmas Cactus will flower before December 25th?I wander what plants or flowers people associate with Xmas?
I have some Holly growing, and some Ivy..but thats a future post!


Philosophical Karen said...

That's a very nice photo, Snappy. :)

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Karen,I loved your frosted garden photos recently!