Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Coming Days

A Winged Beastie from Hil's garden.I took this photo before we went to Tatton Park.

Im back on a short set of nights.I should finally sign for the house in the morning, and see the new garden.

Its been an uphill struggle, like the Fly walking up the grassy leaf!

Its cold now that I have woken up. I want to do some google research about Catepillars and Stripes using to predict weather. Thanks Oldroses for the comment. A gardener watches the sky, the barometer, and the wild life in an attempt to work out what the coming days weather will show.

Hope all your weekends have been good, and that your gardens are not frozen over yet.

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lisa said...

Congratulations Snappy! Moving is tiring but exciting...hope the weather is kind to you. We are due for a rather large snowstorm this weekend, so I may have snow pictures to post!