Saturday, November 10, 2007

New Beginings

A funny day. No news on the house yet, am waiting for the new landlord to give the estate agent a contract. I over slept today for some reason. Maybe the grey clouds, strong wind, and cold kept me under the quilt!

I am blogging late (it will say about 1am).I have been trying to propogate plants. Pictured is the spider plant with the stolon pinned to the little pot.Im hoping the 3 baby plants will root in the pot.They are just sat on top of the soil with a paper clip holding the runner down.

I took some leaves from the Christmas cactus as UK Bob suggested and put them in the small pot. Six cuttings to try to make one healthy plant. If that works I will do that every so often to make plants for next years plant sale in Walton.

The media officer from Send A Cow sent me an email saying she liked the blog post about keyhole gardens. I want to order the Bag garden kit for when I move. I will see what I can grow over the winter in it. I think you can get Winter onion sets, and grow Kale...

I moved the new Chilli seedlings from the round pot with the fuschia cutting into their own little pots. I have five chilli plants growing now. Jalapeno, Friars Hat, and some unknown varieties from work. The store bought chillis are called Serenade. I have five seedlings from the seeds I scooped out.

I need to look up chilli recipies to use all my chillis if these plants grow! I hope to have positive news soon about house (with the small garden that needs my TLC and green fingers).


Unknown said...

I've been catching up with your blog postings tonight. (I got behind with reading my favorite blogs, just as I've gotten behind in posting to my own blog!) I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get the house with the garden. I know it must have been hard for you to do without a garden these past months, although you've certainly taken indoor gardening to new levels! Good luck!

lisa said...

I bet the air quality in your place is terrific with all those plants around! Gardening is a "healthy addiction" in so many ways!