Thursday, June 09, 2011

Soft Fruit And Flowers

I have been enjoying the allotment and garden on my days off.I took photos in the garden over the past two days.This is the Kniphofia today.It looks like its name the red hot poker.It starts red hot, then cools down to paler colours beneath the red hot part of the torch.I am excited because this is the first year i have had it flower.It has produced four flower spikes so far.

This Rose is called Margaret Merrill.She has been with me for about four growing seasons.She is yet to bloom this year.This fragrant white Rose smells divine, and looks sumptuous.I cannot wait for the first Rose from this plant.

The other Rose that is nearly flowering is The David Austin Dark Lady.The blooms are going to be a dark Crimson with an old rose scent.They look mysterious, like a Bronte sister novel.

The other thing I have done on my days off is harvest my gardens Gooseberry bush.It ripped me to shreds with its spiny branches, giving up two pounds worth of Goose-gogs for my scratches and blood.I want to turn these green beauty's into jam.

The Strawberries in the grow bag, and in the raised bed have started to be ready to pick now.I picked the small box over the past few days.These will be sliced, and have single cold cream poured over them.Strawberries and Cream is part of the British summer.A week and a half before Wimbledon too!

I love the Lady Emma Hamilton.I have decided that the scent is like a Sherbet Dipper, sweet and lemony.I love her scented Apricot/Copper Rose blooms.The rusty foliage sets off the golden Roses perfectly.

Next week it is Gardeners World Live at the Birmingham NEC.Cat and I are going over night, to see the show gardens, the gardeners, the plants, and the added attraction of the BBC Good Food Show.I will take lots of photos and blog the highlights.I booked a hotel, and train tickets down to Birmingham.

I will hopefully bring some ideas and plants back to our garden.It has been a lovely few days off.


dixon48 said...

You have beautiful roses, and nice plants! My garden is just starting. I envy you!

Single Gal said...

Thank you so, so much for your wonderful description on the way the roses smell. I always ask that question whenever any of the folks that I follow start talking about roses. I always eventually ask, what did they smell like? Or what was their fragrance?

So, I appreciate such a clear description of the last rose in your post.

But what is so embarrassing to me, is that I had no idea that there were different types of roses. I always just thought, a rose is a rose is a rose.

Thank you for informing me otherwise. I appreciate that as well.