Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gardening And Blues

I read the other day that an NHS trust in Southampton is using gardening as a treatment for people with mental health problems, or depression.They are doing eight week courses in aspects of gardening like types of plants,soil, and growing things.I love gardening, and growing things from seed.Nurturing plants is a good way of getting in contact with the earth.My favourite flowers to grow include Roses, like this Arthur Bell.A scented Yellow Rose.

I loved watching the Rose regrow from bare stems to being covered in glossy green leaves, and developing its flower buds.I watched patiently as they swell before finally opening into the fragrant blooms.There are only two at the moment but there opening up is exquisite.It is two years old now, so it should only get better with age with some tender loving care.

Growing flowers or vegetables from seeds you have sown is like magic.The pleasure you get makes you immeasurably happy.This Pansy has the most vivid Purple Face like a smiling,mischievous face grinning at you.It was grown from Cats mail order plug plants.

I bought this Bug House from the Gardeners World Live show.I hope that eventually insects will make their home in it.It is hung onto a nail on the fence.There are definitely lots of pollen rich flowers for the insects to feed on.I will watch with interest as to whether any bugs move into their green home.

Growing for wildlife means you can focus on looking after another sentient living thing whether it is a bee,butterfly,hedgehog,frog or garden birds.When they come to your garden you are always excited and pleased.You then start to look to see what your gardening has attracted.

The garden is always a rich place for plants and flowers.I bought this metal frog too from the GWL show.He is hung up on the willow wigwams.I have a lot of ornaments in the garden including Frogs and Gnomes.These ornaments make a garden whimsical, and are nice to look at between masses of flowers or plants.This year I have also bought a metal Peacock ornament, which sits by the greenhouse looking down to the back door.

The garden is a natural tonic to the stresses of working long hours, and a gentle place to unwind and to lose yourself.Once you get hooked into looking everyday at the garden you soon forget the problems.It can be a social activity as well once you meet people with the same passion as you have.

I can see how it could be used to help people with all manner of mental or physical problems. Green fingers can definitely help beat the blues.

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