Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Photos 1

After a few days without a post I have decided to try to post some of the photos I have taken over the past few days.The blog has made me see everything through a camera lens.the first photo is of a almost black ladybird on a rhubarb leaf up at the allotment.The sunlight was streaming through the leaf like a green chapel window.He sat quite happily as i used the camera up close to him.

When I go to the allotment I walk along a footpath that is surrounded by hedgerows and farmers fields.The Poppies have started flowering earlier.these are the standard fields of Flanders poppies, and every year they flower massively in the farmers field.I love the bright ribbons of red that stains the greens.I find them very beautiful, but also very moving.After the first world war tore up the earth the first flower to regrow in profusion was this Poppy.

I love this photo looking up the hillside to the sky.The two Poppies are just waving beneath a field of some grassy crop.I love the fields that have tall stalked grasses,that wave in the wind.The whole field looks like it was being conducted by the breeze.

These Poppies are a beautiful blood red.I guess they are a weed growing in turned ground but I still love to try to photograph them.Many people drive along the road do not ever stop to admire the wildflowers along the hedgerow verge.

Another delicate flower is the common Brambles.It will be pollinated, and turn into a delicious Blackberry by late summer.They smell faintly sweet.My plot is bordered by a mass of Brambles that runs along the allotment.Cat and me picked lots of Blackberries last year.Not many people seem to go out with buckets to collect them.they make lovely jam and wine, and go wonderfully with Bramley Apples in a pie.

The plant I thought was a Chrysanthemum in the wildflower area is a big daisy.These are big Daisy's though with brilliant egg yolk centres, surrounded by snow white petals.

Also growing in the Wildflower area is the common Red Clover.I love how ornate these pretty flowers are.The white clover in our grass is always a hive of activity for Bees and Hoverflys.They are nectar rich flowers, growing above pretty three lobed leaves.

The House Sparrows continue to land on anything vertical in the garden to attack the Aphids.The dry hot weather has caused a lot of them to grow, but the birds have been regularly cleaning my plants for me.It is organic pest control, encouraged by my food and water that I put out daily.

The old cottage garden plant Delphinium is flowering again.I have tied it onto a stick this time to keep the virginal white flowers upright.I want to grow more of these.The Pacific Blue Delphinium has died over the winter.This white one is made of sterner stuff and has regrown with vigour this year.

The flowers are so pure in colour.Unblemished and white.

Growing alongside the Delphinium is this Purple Salvia.The leaves looked like Sage but developed purple flower buds.These have shot up into the air and grown sweet pea type flowers. This plant has over wintered and come back with a vengeance.

The leaves that have the flower buds are this lovely lilac colour.They contrast beautifully to the green leaves that are all around the flower spikes.The Bees are drawn to these.I hope that the Butterflies are too.

This is part one of my sunday posts..

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