Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Photos 2

I went to the allotment today to do a little weeding and watering.I should not have worried about the watering as when I was walking back it started to rain!It has poured down non stop since.The Rose Darcey Bussell (showing the raindrops) was the only photo of the garden I took today.

This was from the allotment today.I have sowed three rows of Carrots in the raised bed.I thought it would be interesting to plant some old Sunflower seeds between the rows.I had visions of a cottage garden, like an old french cottage with flowers and vegetables planted together.There are about six Sunflowers that have germinated in my raised bed.I cant wait to see these flower.There is already Asiatic Lilys and Abysinnian Gladiolous planted next to the Rhubarb.I have planted my French Marigolds too to try to deter white fly from the Brassica crops.I have some Sage plants to go up to the plot soon.They are very pungent and deter flying pests I have read.

Does anyone know what kind of Thistle this is?It is growing along the path behind the neighbours shed.It is extremely sharp and has jagged spiky leaves.I need to strim the plots pathways, but I will leave this plant intact so i can watch it flower.It is unusual as I have not seen it in two years.I have seen lots of weeds growing over that period of time.

Doing the blog over the past seven years (scary) has made me look at things differently.This arty photo is of a common Bindweed flower growing in my compost heap up at the allotment.It is a pain as it gets every where and winds its tendrils tight.Its flower is very attractive though for a weed.

I think sometimes the common things are often overlooked.When you see something so often you eventually do not register that it is there.I have increased my visual skills by photographing extensively for the blog posts.It is also leaving a record that I can look back at, and other people can use as a resource.I looked back today and was amazed at some of my photos.I forget after I post them.

I lifted my Compost bin lid up and found this Snail dozing against the edge of the lid.It was perfect cover for him away from predators, and the drying action of the sun.I think snail shells can be very beautiful.This was a young snail with a pristine shell.I also found an older snail with the most battle scarred shell.Maybe he had been ambushed by birds sharp beaks and escaped to tell the tale.

Back in the garden the Birds continue to entertain me.These Starlings have started to come down from the Conifers to feed on the round fat balls.They are very territorial and fights break out.The one in the centre is defending his fat balls and pecked the other Starling up.They may even be brothers, like Cane and Abel?There is no love lost between them when food is involved.

If they only flew twenty feet away there were fat balls in a container that had no fights breaking out of them.The doughnut shaped feeder seems to draw the birds in.

House Sparrows,Starlings,Blue Tits,Great Tits, and even the Woodpecker love to feed on them, pure saturated fats.To begin with in this garden the Birds were not interested in the fat balls.They just sat getting rotten.Now they have discovered the taste they are flocking to them and i keep needing to buy more tubs of fifty.

I bought a new Moon Solar light and let it charge in the sun for three days.It was switched on and amazingly one night I looked and saw it changes colour.The LED cycles between red,blue,purple, and green.It contrasts to the other white solar lights I have.I placed it in the sunken border behind the Hebe, and the Peony.The Salvia is visible to the right hand side.

One mystery plant that is growing in the gardens planter boxes is this Poppy.I am waiting for it to open so the flower colour revealed,may jog my memory about where it came from.It has olive coloured leaves, much paler than the darker Oriental Poppy's.It is a true volunteer plant.There are two plants in one planter box, and three smaller ones in another.

Another surprise flower for me is this orange Calendula.I sowed some Everlasting Flowers(also called Straw Flowers) from some stored flower heads.There must have been Pot Marigold seeds also as they have flowered in the big Straw Flower pot.The Straw Flowers have not flowered yet.I love how bright the orange colour this is.The seeds are like little wizened crab claws, and can last for years in soil.Mum hated these as they self seeded and grew every year in her garden.I always tried to use them in her garden.The foliage is also very strongly scented.

Another mystery is why my Lupins all reverted back to purple coloured flowers?This white one is the glorious exception.I think I bought Lupin Gallery Mixed, but they are all purple flowers.I love the flower spikes and these drive the Bees mad.I will get more different coloured Lupins for next year.There colourful flower spikes make me smile.

That's twenty four photos I wanted to share.Each one tells a tale about the garden, allotment, or nature.

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Could photo #3 be Eryngium alpinum?