Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Post

The garden is so full of flowers in bloom it is hard to photograph them all.It is only a small garden but densely packed.The Monkshood has flowered with this electric blue flowers.They contrast magnificently with the green leaves of the surrounding plants and the black ferny leaves of the Sambuca.It survived being dug up and transplanted.This is the biggest it has ever grown with the most flowers on it.

These are pretty but deadly.All parts of the plant are toxic to touch or taste.The old fashioned name is Wolfs bane.They thought the plant could kill wild Wolves.The flowers are reminiscent of the old monks cowls, as they walk silently to prayer.

The hanging baskets are growing on now, and the soil is holding onto the moisture.My gel crystals and plant food mix have done a good job.This Pansy has a face and seems to be smiling at me.The purple and violet patterns give the face its structure.

The Rose Dark Lady has one branch that was leaning over the path.The burgundy Rose smells lovely, and it looks sumptuous.I could put this Rose on cups,plates, or tea towels!The Roses are loving the sunshine, with occasional showers.The House Sparrows seem to be eating most of the Aphids.There is not too much black spot on the Roses.The only one I am worried about is the Rose RHS Wisley which is all leaves but not a Rose bud yet.Every other Rose has bloomed.The Wisley was great last year,so i don't know why its having an off year.

Blooming at last three weeks after the Big Lunch is one of my Asiatic Lily's.I have three large pots growing outside the front door.The Red Lily is the first to flower.There are three blooms at the moment.I think there were five different varieties I won registering with The Big Bulb Plant.

This is the Red Asiatic Lily in all its glory.The three pots should provide colour in abundance for the summer.I have Casa Blanca Lily, Tiger Lily's, and Oriental Stargazer Lily's growing in the back garden pots.

I like this photo showing the Potatoes growing on the left, next to the Harlow Carr Rose,Hostas, and Dianthus.The greens and colours show the energy of a garden in late June.Everything has got glossy green leaves, fresh looking flowers, and no signs of ageing.Almost everyday something new has flowered.The late bloomers include my Bishop of Llanduff Dahlias,Blue Echinops,the two Honeysuckles,Sweetpeas Spencer, and the Buddleja Butterfly Bush.I am glad that flowering is staggered across the summer.

The view from the backdoor.I write most of the posts from the dining room table and this is what I look out on.I love watching the Birds.I have observed my plants growing, and flowering over the growing season with my nurturing and watering.

I have looked at the RHS Tatton Park flower show web page today.Cat and me are taking my Mum to the show this year.She is having a mini break traveling to us, and going on the 23rd July to see the show.The Chelsea of the north has show gardens,and much more beside.

Tomorrow is an allotment day.Some weeding and watering.The garden is so tempting to spend time in it.The photos show why it is drawing me in.

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