Saturday, June 25, 2011

June Garden

I finally had a day off to chill out after three days at the hospital.I went shopping with Cat and bought some bird food.The birds have been eating the peanuts, and the seed feeder because I have had no more fat balls to hang up.They had to eat the remaining food.
The Clematis Angelique is flowering beautifully but it appears to be vertically challenged.The Honeysuckles have climbed six feet up their trellis already entwining themselves around it.I hope they flower as well as Angelique.I wander if this Clematis needs a deeper pot to encourage more vertical growth?The plant dies back to the ground over the winter so at the end of the growing season it will be cut back.

The Pelagonium on the table outside the Backdoor is still flowering away.It has deep burgundy flowers and seems set to flower all summer long.It does not have scented leaves like its sherbet scented pot mate.I bought both of these from the Harrogate Spring Flower show.

The pot bound Molineux continues to flower with the most exquisite yellow cup flowers.These need planting in the winter in the front garden.I have left them in the deep pots that David Austin sells them in.They look lovely together and will form a low three feet hedge with masses of yellow blooms.

The pond continues to look better.The water has now cleared so I can see down into the water. There are still Newts swimming about.At least two varieties of Newts that i can see.The Water Lily has now been moved into the deepest part of the pond.The wild flowers growing around the pond cover the edges and provide perfect shelter for the wild inhabitants.I love the reflective qualitys of the water reflecting the sky.

This frog was sat in the corner looking up at his pond mate, a much bigger frog who was sat under the covering daisy flowers.He blended into the soil and sat sun bathing.I can sit and just watch the still waters which are teeming with life.Small pond beasties,fly's, and the dragon like Black Newts with their spotted orange bellys, and around four Frogs at least.

The hanging baskets have been watered.I watered the Strawberry bed as well.I picked one pound of fresh Strawberries today which we had for pudding (with cold single cream).I love the freshness of picking them from the garden, washing, and eating them.They are delicious.

Its forecast to be really hot tomorrow but I'm working all day.There is so much going on in the June garden to enjoy.

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