Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Walton Plant Stall 2011

Last Sunday I was outside Walton Village hall to help Hils out for her annual plant stall.The local community and passing people came out to buy a selection of plants grown by Hils, or her friends.

All the proceeds of the plant sale go to a committee that splits the money between local groups, including the brownies,rainbows,tots group,and elderly meals at Xmas.The trees have sheltered our tables and us for the past few years against the elements.This year it was cool, and cloudy.The sun only came out after 1pm.

Due to the unseasonable hot weather a few weeks ago this years plant stall was not as busy as previous years.The people came but very slowly.I took these photos between selling or packing up plants.This beauty was a striking Mimulus.I loved the colours of this flower.

We had about eight tables set up, which were covered in Vegetables,Tomato plants,Herbs, houseplants,perennials, and bedding plants.The excess plants were stored under the tables and moved up once there was space above.I brought my favourite RHS book which shows pictures of many flowers and shrubs to help show what plants looked like when they were in flower.

The two tone Petunias caught my eyes in the photo above.We finished with a mad flurry about 2.15pm.The plant sale raised £430 for the local village groups.There is a produce show,vegetable show, and auction in August which will also raise more money.

Next year is The Olympics, the Queens Golden Jubilee, and there are two bank holidays in June.The plant stall will not return until 2013.I love how growing plants can benefit communitys and bring people closer together for a day.

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