Saturday, June 04, 2011

Water And Weeds

I spent three hours up at the allotment weeding and watering.The plants have been battered since I planted them up there.The sweetcorn seems to have revived a little after the initial shock of being planted out.The Cabbages are the healthiest looking plant under the protective black netted cage.The Cauliflower,Brussels Sprouts,Swede,and Broccoli seem to have been munched. This Snail was hiding in some weeds.I love the colour of his shell.I loved the contrast between his shell and the lid of the water butt where i photographed him.

I have a hexagonal container planted with some brown foliage plant and these Gallardia or blanket flowers.These must be quite tough as the pot regularly gets dried out when I'm not there to water it.I love the fiery petals and ornate centre.

This was the allotment at the end of today.It has been watered and a lot of weeds removed.I planted the Leek bed, and put my four Borage plants into various beds.I have a little flower bed too growing Asiatic Lilys and Abysinnian Gladiolus.There are Sunflowers growing between my Carrot rows in the raised bed (on the left hand side).

It is the Walton Plant Stall tomorrow.I will take the smaller Camera to photograph it.It has been a sunny day.The day was so quiet except for the sound of the Blackbirds singing around me and the sound of the tall Trees rustling in the wind.

The three hours I spent up at the plot passed imperceptibly.

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Single Gal said...

I like the Gallardia.

The two colors on one flower looks real good.