Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Crimson Cavemen And New Blooms

Where does time go?It has been five days since I last did a blog post.I went to Gardeners World Live/BBC Good Food Show last Thursday/Friday.I had to work nights over the weekend and finished on Monday morning.I was exhausted by yesterday.
I potted up this Petunias plug plants in a pot on the outside table before we went to Birmingham.They are flowering in pastel colours, and smell fragrant.Of all the plug plants we grew on these Petunias were the most vigorous.

The Red Dianthus I bought from Hampsons have started to flower.The red colouration is in the inner part of the petals.the plant label showed a bright Crimson red colour, so I will wait to see if these change colour.They are growing besides my Dianthus Jazz in pink and electric purple.I hope that this is a perennial like the Dianthus Jazz.

One of my new favourite flowers is the humble Corn Flower Blue.It is growing besides the pond in the wild flower area.It is a vivid blue colour.The flower buds always remind me of little hand grenades.I hope this self seeds as I would like lots more of the them.

The Marguerite in the planter box continues to bloom impressively.These large Daisy's are beautiful grown over ferny green foliage.I have planted some summer bulbs behind these but I cant remember what they were.I bought three of the bulbs at the Autumn Flower Show.It will be good once they flower so I can remember their name!

It is the Summer Solstice today.The Druids of Britain have descended on Stonehenge this morning to celebrate it.I have my Geum Mrs Bradshaw to marvel over.The red flowers seem to float over the garden, blowing in the breeze.They give a red haze above the green leaves of the other plants.

The Seed heads look like crimson Cavemen.They are like red conkers.I like the green of the garden behind the Geum flowers.

It rained extremely heavily last night.I found one of my baskets up ended and all the plants on the path this morning.I have done some running repairs on it.Luckily The plug plants have grown on even in the few days that they have been planted.

I need to go to the allotment.I have Runner Bean Scarlet Emperor to plant, and to see what has been growing well in my absence.It is forecast for light rain so I may have to dodge the showers.

I have to decide which photos (there were 200) to blog for the Gardeners World Live Show.I will do maybe a two part post to recap the best bits.

Apart from the new flowers in the photos Wimbledon also started yesterday.It is the 125Th year that it has been played.

I am a massive tennis fan, and was pleased to see wins for Andy Murray, and my favourite player Raphael Nadal.I have Strawberries in the raised sleeper bed ready to pick too.It is British Summer at its best.Two weeks of Tennis,Strawberrys n cream, lots of flowers in bloom,and hopefully sunshine.

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