Thursday, June 02, 2011

Roses Today

I was on a day off today.We went out to the new Wakefield Art gallery called the Hepworth, which has just opened recently.I came back and decided to photograph all the Roses that are blooming.
I have a daily walk going up and down the path.I stop at each Rose and try to smell the fragrance to think of how to describe it.The first photo is the delicious Gertrude Jekyll rose.It smells very sweet like candy.

The second and third photo show my namesake Rose,Lady Emma Hamilton.Her Roses are Apricot coloured and have the most divine scent.Like Oranges and Lemons.

I highly recommend you try to find this Rose to sample the fragrance.This is one of my favourite Roses, and this is the fourth year of her growing.I love the blooms and the dark leaves contrasting to the apricot coloured flowers.The smell makes me want to eat the Rose.

This Rose bush is Harlow Carr, and the fragrance is very old Rose.Like your grandmothers perfume or soap.This is a fragrance from a lost age.The Roses seem to explode out of the buds and look lovely against the green leaves.This is the first year I have grown it.

The last Rose photo is of the Molineux.It is named after a football stadium I think where Wolverhampton Wanderers play.These Roses will form a low hedge in our front garden.They are sat in their pots still.The blooms are a beautiful bright yellow and they have a slight Fragrance.

The Roses left that have not bloomed are Dark Lady,Margaret Merrill,Arthur Bell, and Wisley.

Darcey Bussell is also blooming with her Crimson Roses that smell like tea .

The highlight of the year is my Roses blooming.The flowers please the eyes.The scents send signals from the nose to the brain.Memories are evoked by the Rose bloom/scent.

The photos and memories will keep me going in December when there are no Roses growing.


Sue said...

I would recommemd the Birthday Boy rose. It looks very similar to the Getrude Jeckell one. I have them alongside the stone steps in my garden and the smell as you walk up is amazing.

Gary said...

Hi David,
When I was at Compton Acres, among other resposibilities, I had to look after 3000 roses, in many different varieties and grew to love them. Gertrude Jekyll was one of my favourites, as are the bourbons, gallicas etc. Thanks for the lovely photos.