Thursday, June 16, 2011

Plant and Protect

The Braeburn Apple Tree growing in a pot has three Apples growing on it.I love the red and green colouration of the fruit.This is the third year I think that I have had the Tree.This winter I will plant it into the garden, as it is growing in a pot.It started off as a mail order tree that looked like a stick.I wander if the cold winter froze all the fruiting spurs off the tree?It was covered in Blossom last year but we still only ended up with three Apples.

This is the Apple Tree today growing in the pot by the raised Strawberry bed.Apples have been a traditional British Fruit grown for centurys.We have many varieties, but unfortunately commercial growers only concentrate on a few select varieties.

The Autumn Flower Show at Harrogate has an Apple competition and showcases many rare varieties.

At Hampton Court RHS flower show this July garden designer Sadie May Stowell will enter the Copella"Plant And Protect"garden, with support from Doctor David Bellamy, a botanical legend.

It will celebrate the diversity of British Apples, and encourage people to plant their own Apple Trees.The traditional Apple orchard is part of the British countryside, but these have been declined greatly over the past few years, and need preserving if future generations are going to be able to see them.

Copella is a family run farm that produces Apple Juices from hand picked locally grown Apples, and has done for forty years.I have bought a bottle of their Apple Juice today for the train down to Birmingham.

I hope it does well, and that the campaign continues to prevent the decline of traditional British Apple varieties.It is a campaign close to my heart.I hope that my apple tree will produce more fruit in future years.I will enjoy the three Apples we will have.

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Gary said...

Hi David,
The Braeburn of the best. Will keep my eyes open for you at Hampton Court if you are there. I shall be wearing a red carnation!