Monday, June 13, 2011

Night Garden Post

I have had a productive day in the garden today.I went to see Hils this morning and her new puppy called George.I walked back and started to tidy and reorganise the garden.I took this photo today.The Rose is called The Dark Lady and is one of my new David Austin Roses bought this year.It fits well with my night garden theme.Dark Crimson Roses with a slight scent.

The moon looks full tonight.It was shining brightly behind some trees.I have read that some people actually plant Vegetables according to the Lunar cycle.I love how mysterious and mystical the moon looks behind the trees.Does anyone do Lunar Planting?

My solar light is of the moon too beaming down onto a blue/green glass globe.At night the LEDs change colour and illuminate the silvery moon face.

The camera picked out the white of the Hosta flowers and the classical Statue.They are ghost like in the darkness.Green and white.

Earlier I planted the remaining Tomato's into the two greenhouse grow bags, and tied the established ones to sticks.I planted my two Barrell containers,one big pot, and three planter boxes with a mixture of Asters,Sunflowers,Pansy's, and Straw Flowers.

I trimmed the Teasel back in the sunken border and planted three Verbena Bonarensis.I potted up my two Milk Thistles and placed them on either side of my metal peacock by the greenhouse.I planted a Hellebore by the mystery Poppy, and a Pink Phlox in a big pot by the backdoor.

As the light faded and night was arriving I saw Bats flying over the house high in the air.I used my torch for looking into the pond.Tonight I saw two Frogs, and two Newts.One Newt was plain olive coloured, the second was much more speckled like leopard skin.

The solar lights add some magic into the garden, and make it fun to look at at night.I have sowed some Scented Night Stock for evening scents.I love the idea of plants that smell in the evening.A perfect time to sit in the garden and just relax with a drink.


Sara von Buelsdorf said...

wonderful roses and moon

Greetings from

Anonymous said...

About planting by the moon. During World War II my mother had a large Victory garden on some vacant land next to our house. When the mailman (in American English the man who delivers the mail to the house -- perhaps you call him the postman) came by and saw her in the garden he advised her that she should plant anything that grew underground like potatoes and carrots during the dark of the moon. Plants with vigorous upward growth like corn and beans should be planted during the full moon. She didn't follow his advice but she enjoyed the conversation.