Sunday, May 15, 2011

Good Day

Two of the flowers i moaned about yesterday have opened today.The Oriental Poppy looks like an orange silk tent with black spots, and a sweet like centre.I love how the petals blow in the wind like shimmering silk.

The ponds resident Flag Iris has opened its first flower today.The lemon yellow flower contrasts to the green of the stem, and leaves below.I love these traditional British Iris.They are simple but elegant.

After I came back from work I suddenly spied my elusive bird.The Greater Spotted Woodpecker.The same one that Cat saw the other day.The round fatball holder has seen hundreds of birds fly into the ring to eat the fatballs.This photo shows the Woodpecker, a baby Blue Tit, and a House Sparrow sharing the circular feeder.

Prior to this morning I had only the heard the rapid drumming of our local Woodpeckers.The news of the free fatballs must have reached the deciduous trees that run over the road behind the houses.

You can see from the photo his amazing feet clutching the cage of the feeder, and the powerful beak bashing the fatballs.I wander if he was feeding a clutch of baby Woodpeckers?He came about five times this morning and fed himself for ages.They are handsome birds with their, and white coloured feathers.

It is a grey cool sunday, but im so happy about two of my flowers blooming, and of photographing the Woodpecker in our garden.Good day..


Kathe W. said...

fat balls? where does one find those? We have lots of woodpeckers here....I see we have our blog names in common hah! and

Gary said...

Hi David,
Poppies and Irises, sometimes just so hard to beat aren't they?