Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May Flower

This Buttercup is growing in the sunken border.It is a beautiful flower with its golden yellow cup and intricate stamen holding its pollen aloft.I never planted this it was just growing.I left it alone to see what it turned out like.It is a very pretty volunteer plant.

I went shopping today for some trays for Cats plug plants.450 arrived yesterday via her Mum.Busy Lizzies,Petunias, and Violas.They all need growing on.

I went to Hampsons but could not find any trays.I will have to wait until Saturday to find them.I came back with a new Foxglove plant, two Buxus shaped like globes,a Jasmine houseplant on a frame, and a Bay Tree in a small pot.

I think the clipped Buxus balls would look good between the Roses,Hostas, and Dahlias.

Cat saw a Woodpecker today in the garden nibbling from the circular fat balls.I never saw him as i was plant shopping.I'm working the next two days so I hope Cat can get a photo for me.

I was also thinking about Topiary clipped animal shapes along the concrete path.I think you can buy frames which your Buxus grows through.Once its clipped it will look like the shape.

I pricked out eighty Leeks yesterday.The Vegetable plants I have been growing can go to the allotment soon.I spent three hours weeding it yesterday after the recent rain started all the weeds growing.The marked beds are waiting patiently for the plants to arrive.

The Brussel Sprouts,Pumpkin,Courgettes,Sweetcorn and Swedes are looking beautiful and have good root systems.The Cabbages,Cauliflower, and Broccoli are lagging behind.They need a bit longer to grow bigger leaves and better roots.I have French Marigolds,Borage,and Sage plants growing for companion planting at the plot.

At the plot the Carrots I sowed are starting to germinate in the raised bed.There was one and half rows of Peas that had germinated.The Parsnips had not done anything.The Potatoes were earthed up as they have finally started showing through their rows of mounded earth.The Onions are growing slowly.The Garlic looks really good too.

These days off have been very productive.There is lots to blog about over the next few days.

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