Saturday, May 14, 2011

Great Expectations

The Rose Gertrude Jekyll is making me wait for the first Rose Bloom of the year.The Rose buds are swollen and the petals beginning to open slightly.Everyday I look and every day the Roses are not in bloom.I always am impatient for her beautiful scented blooms.

The Oriental Poppy Pizzicatto is nearly in flower.It will probably open tonight or tomorrow when i am working. The plant has some beautiful new growth on it, and should flower for years to come.It is a perennial rather than the annuals of common Poppies.

The Flag Iris flower has been exposed but remains stubbornly shut.I love the rich yellow colour and the striped pattern on the flowers.I am impressed that my small pot bound Flag Iris will flower for a second time.This is the first year it has had its roots in real water.Last year it was sat in a container filled with water to mimic a pond.I saw a Newt today trying to burrow through the Aquarium stones.He hit a brick wall and had to dive into the deeper water instead.

The garden has been hit by strong winds today and pots have been rolling about.I love the Flowers that are blooming.The primary colours are contrasting.Purple Lupins,Violas and Pansy's.Red Geums.White and purple Aliums.Yellow Buttercups.Pink and White Aquilegias.Dark Purple and White Aquilegias.

Ever since Cat said she saw a Woodpecker in our garden I have watched obsessively.I have not seen feather or beak of any Woodpeckers.Does anyone know how to attract them?

We hear them hammering away against the Trees in the deciduous woodland (where the Bluebells are)across the road.

The expectation of flowers and scents makes me go out everyday to look around the garden.We went shopping today to buy trays for the Plug Plants.450 need re potting when I'm off again.

Tonight is the Eurovision Song Contest.I will watch it with Cat, and hope that Blue (our entry) can do better than last place.I always watch it and hope for better results.

I will do a post tomorrow about the RHS Chelsea Flower Show which starts in ten days time.I wait expectantly for Chelsea every year in May.I dream of going to see it one day in person.

The flowers of my Rose,Flag Iris, and the Oriental Poppy always excite me as much as the greatest flower show on Earth.I hope they surpass my expectations this year.

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Jean Campbell said...

One's own flowers opening are the greatest show on earth indeed. You plant what you like and the anticipation leads up to a great display.