Wednesday, May 18, 2011

First In Show

My first Rose in bloom is this Darcey Bussell Rose, named after a famous Ballerina.It has dark crimson petals with a slightly fruity fragrance to it.I love how the sunlight was shining down onto the Rose petals.

I spent today cleaning the greenhouse out.I cannot believe how much stuff can fit inside it!I took half of it out to tidy the pots and sweep the floor.

I moved the plants around to free up space on the floor for the three Tomato grow bags I bought from Wilkos the other day.The Cherry Red Tomatoes will be grown in grow bags on the greenhouse floor, with the shelving above removed so the plants can grow.

The Outdoor Girl Tomatoes need to be planted in some large green grow bags that I bought a few years ago.They will be filled with compost and the Tomatoes grown outside.

I started pricking out Cats plug plants today.I have 160 Busy Lizzie's now in four trays in the greenhouse.The Petunias and Pansy's need doing tomorrow.

The Gertrude Jekyll Rose has masses of Rose buds almost opening, but not quite.She obviously wants me to be patient.

Tomorrow the Greenhouse plants will be moved up to the allotment.I will plant them when Cat is sleeping tomorrow morning.Brussels Sprouts, Cabbages. Broccoli, Cauliflower, Sweetcorn, Courgettes,Pumpkins, and Swede.I'm hoping that all risk of frost has passed.

It has been raining intermittently so they should be OK when I'm working.They have all been grown from seed, and tended in the greenhouse.I have gone mad this year and am growing many kinds of plants.The garden is packed full of perennials, Roses, and Hostas.

There are annual Straw Flowers, and Asters growing in the greenhouse.These will be joined by the Petunias,Pansys, and Busy Lizzies.

The allotment will soon be covered in lovely healthy plants in the marked out beds.I will add French Marigolds, Sage, and Borage too as companion plants. There are already Peas, Carrots, Onions,Garlic,and Potatoes growing up there.I wander if my Swallows will fly into my shed again like the last time I was up at the plot

The first rose bloom of the year is a cause for celebration, and makes me look forward to many more flowers this Summer.

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