Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beautiful Blooms

The garden continues to bloom away in the sunshine.I took these photos over the past two days.The Rose Darcey Bussell is magnificent still and a second and third Rose are nearly blooming.

The Rose Gertrude Jekyll has started to bloom with masses of Rose buds.The scent on this rose is divine.It varies between citrus to apple juice.I love sniffing these Roses whenever I go into the garden and detecting hints of fragrance.This Rose looks dreamy.

The Flag Iris still looks great blooming in the pond.It is well visited by Bees and today a spider was laying in wait in the cup of the flower.Some fly's would have had a nasty shock.The bees walk down the flower where the markings are.They waggle around getting covered in pollen on their backs.

Growing in the wildflower part of the pond is this White Clover.Its amazing how intricate these common wild flowers are close up.The Bees love the Red and White clover that is growing now.I think these may have been in the wildflower mix that i sowed last year and this year.

This was the pond yesterday.All the planting around it has flourished with the hot sunshine and occasional showers.The green growth and flowers seems to make the pond seem smaller than it is.The plants are towering above the pond giving it some shelter from the elements.I saw two Frogs and a Newt on my night time torch parade.

The last bloom is the first 2011 flower of the Clematis.The plant survived being frozen in the winter, then blown around by gale force winds.The plant has regrown with vigour from the base and is festooned in flower buds.It is in a pot with Trellis at the back of it.The Clematis sits on the opposite side of the backdoor to the two Honeysuckles.It flowered on the press day of the Chelsea flower show.

I spent the day in the garden.I re potted my Sunflowers,planted the Sweet peas in a rectangular tub with netting for them to climb up.This is on the Balustrade near to the Honeysuckle.The sweet scents should perfume near the door, where the outside table and chairs are.

I bought a new Red Dianthus, an Armeria, and a Pitcher plant from Hampsons.I watered the garden late on, and the greenhouse plants earlier.I rearranged the pots on the path after watching the BBC's Chelsea flower show program.

I have two days to work before I can get back into the garden again.

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