Sunday, May 22, 2011

Third Year Lucky

One of the plants that we moved with us from fishponds to our new house was the Kniphofia or the Red Hot Poker.After two years of just green leaves it has grown this flower spike.It is on the end of a very thick stem and will flower from the bottom to the top in a fiery range of colours I hope.It is basking in sunshine today, and getting occasionally wet from passing showers.

The sunken border has colour from the second year flowering Lupins.The colourful purple spires are contrasting to the bright red Geum Mrs Bradshaw.They dance around in the breeze and compliment the Lupins.I want to buy more Lupins with other colours.

From the kitchen table this is my usual view. I love the flowers of the Aliums.The white one is Everest, and the purple one Gladiator.The first Alium Gladiator lost its flower bud early on, like it had been chewed by something so the stem lost its rigidity.I bought them at the Autumn Flower Show last September.

All the plants in the border have grown on and mingled into each other to create a continuous flow of colours.The leaves shape and texture contrast, and the occasional flowers are like fireworks of colour.

It is the press day tomorrow at RHS Chelsea flower show.I think HM the Queen visits Chelsea and is usually guided by Alan Titchmarsh.I will get up and watch the morning program.I want to check on the progress of the allotment plants that i planted a few days ago.

It has rained quite a bit so they should not be drying out and wilting.The sun is shining now as I'm writing.

I have spent the day sweeping up bird food and rubbish from the garden path.The birds continue to feed even with me there.I watered the greenhouse plants, and moved the pots around to create better flow along the path to the shed.

I topped up the birds food.They have nearly demolished the ten fat balls I put in the ring on Friday.I saw the Woodpecker this morning at around 7am.The local Starlings are starting to frequent our garden.I love their glossy feathers, and comical walking, like the Anthill Mob.

The wind is building up to gale force strength.I have put bricks onto the outside table cover, and in the Honeysuckle and Clematis pots to try to stop them being blown around.The last job I did was take the Basil out of the Herb Planter and apply some Copper Tape around the top of the pot. The seedlings have been demolished by Slugs and Snails.I did not know that they liked Basil to eat.I hope that the protection will allow the Basil to grow as well as the other three herbs. Chives, Parsley, and Coriander.

Im working in a few hours before some much needed days off.


Kaylovesvintage said...

looks really good, love the red

Celia said...

My Kniphofia is still looking very green unfortunately - this gives me hope though!