Saturday, May 28, 2011

Champagne and Jazz

I have spent the day shopping today with Cat.We went into town for some more Bird food.These Goldfinches always appreciate the nijer seed in the container.They have started to come back into the garden to feed.I have three large Teasels growing.The two in the sunken border are over six feet tall now and will grow lovely comb like flower heads which will turn into ornate dried seed heads for the Goldfinches to eat.

The Astrantia's continue to attract insects.Bee's get lulled to sleep on these pink cushion like flowers.This Ladybird was accommodating in letting me photograph him.I love how you can pick these beetles up and let them walk all over your hand before letting them get back to the business of eating aphids.

This is a photo from the Greenhouse looking down the concrete path towards the house.The two compost bins are on the right hand side.The bird feeder moves up and down the path to try to avoid the food spilt by the birds accumulating.

Roses,Hostas,Lilys, and mixed tubs sit besides the fence creating a live river of green.the planting softens the hard edges.I want eventually to have a border running alongside the path so there is two rivers of green plants.

The Sambuca nigra has survived being dug up from the old house.It originally collapsed and all the leaves died back in shock.I left it in the soil, then examined the roots.There was new root growth so I left the plant in.It has rewarded us with lovely black ferny growth, and these Champagne bubble like flowers, exploding out above the dark fronds.This is one of my favourite plants.It is very elegant and pretty to look at.

Growing in a container now is this Dianthus Jazz.This flower has soft pink and white flowers with a slight scent of cloves.It is a contrast to the electric Magenta plants of its sibling.These are picturesque and are perennials.The new Dianthus Red has not flowered yet.

Even Bees need to rest occasionally.This Bee was resting under the leaf of one of the Sweet Peas that are clambering up the green netting.He was very sluggish so maybe had overdone the collecting pollen?

When we were out shopping I bought four bags of compost,five pots of new grasses (festuca Glaucas),some guidebooks for British Butterflies, and British Insects.

I have planted my Outdoor Girl Tomato's in two containers.The red Cherry Tomato's need planting into the greenhouse grow bags.

May is a month of much activity, and a lot of blooming flowers.Time to go to the allotment tomorrow.


Kathe W. said...

your garden is so tidy- so far I have planted spinach,mesclun,snow peas,green beans,kale,tomatoes,tomatillos,zucchini and lemon cucumbers
My asparagus and rhubarb are producing and of course I have volunteer potatoes coming up from where they weren't dug up last fall! Happy gardening!

Charles said...

I have to say since we turned our garden into a tropical themed one, eliminating the lawn and replacing with beds in their place we have found an incredible increase in the number fo small birds visiting us.
The bark covered beds are a great source for worms, keeps the slugs off the hostas to a large extent too.
One of the birds we have spotted were goldfinches, which until having seen your blog remained unidentified.
The planting is now, mostly berginia, hosta, azalea, fatsia, cordyline, various palms, sedum, euphorbia, yucca, honey suckle, Mexican orange blossom, callistemon, phormium, agastache and so many others that I've lost track of.
Well, back to lazing under the canopy, sipping my favourite Yemeni Matari coffee from The Tea and Coffee Emporium.
Thanks for the post and the opportunity to comment.