Monday, May 30, 2011

Bank Holiday Dozen

Its a Bank Holiday Monday and guess what?It is raining cats and dogs outside.I took this photo today.The Rose Harlow Carr is covered in raindrops.I guess its a good thing as the rain has been scarce for most of March,April,and May.Our pond needs plenty of rain to keep its level topped up.It had lost a lot of its original water during the hot sunny days as shown by tidemarks on the black edge of the pond.

The Flag Iris look beautiful covered in rain drops.The pond water below, and the raindrops above reflect the cloudy unsettled sky.

The Rose Harlow Carr is very fragrant.The plant has the smallest Rosebuds.They obviously pack more flower petal into a smaller space than usual Roses!I saw these Roses growing in the scented garden at Harlow Carr many visits there ago and had it on my wish list.

This is the tantalising Rose Bud of the Rose Molineux.We bought five of these to form a low hedge in the front garden.I will plant them in the winter.They are resting in the David Austin pots still by the house.These have a glorious golden yellow colouration.I cannot wait to see how they look with all five flowering together.

The only thing to do when its raining hard is watch the Gardens Wildlife.This is a juvenile Squirrel who keeps coming into the garden to raid the fat balls,sunflower hearts, and the peanuts.He is so agile like a fluffy tailed acrobat.He can leap between vertical structures, hang upside down, and is tenacious despite being disturbed by me many times.He runs off, waits, then returns to the food.I do not know if the squirrels live around here or if they cross the road where the deciduous woodland is?

The garden is always full of birds flying in and out.Eating, drinking,squabbling, and singing.They are a constant source of amusement and interest.The garden has attracted a lot of baby birds recently.Fluffy Blue Tits and House Sparrows.Beating their wings to be fed by the parent birds.I hope that the Baby birds grow up and return as adults to feed, and drink here.The only thing we have not done yet is put up nest boxes.This is on the to do list.

The Sun was actually shining yesterday.After I got soaked at the allotment the clouds drifted away and the sun came out.I took some photos yesterday that contrast to the wet flowers of today.On the decking outside the backdoor I have this decorative frog watering can with red glass eyes, and the red and yellow Primula that was dug up by a squirrel?,and left wilting.I rescued it,revived it, and put it into a smaller pot as a table decoration.It has re payed me by flowering away.

The Lupins,Geums,and Californian Lilac always shimmer in the sunlight.I keep trying to capture the diffuse light they make when the sun illuminates them from behind.I love the Alium Everest seed head leaning at forty five degrees.

The Teasels have grown massively in the wildflower area, and the sunken border.They are now towering at six feet high with sharp edged leaves, and pouches where they capture and hold water between their leaves.These are plants I have grown from the original Trilby Street seed head.These did not flower last year, but will this year.I have collected four self seeded plants so far which are growing in the greenhouse. Next year they will replace these plants.The self seeding plants will guarantee this plant in the garden for years to come.I love how tall, and architectural they are.Tough,rugged,and elegant looking.The dried seed heads are beloved by Goldfinches allegedly.

Another pleasing feature of the garden is the wildflower area.This flower has bloomed a few days ago.It looked like a Chrysanthenum as it was growing.The flower opened out to this beautiful Sun daisy.The wildflower mix has been sowed twice now, and is being left to grow itself.It will hopefully self seed and perpetuate itself.Every year should have a different feel to it as various flowers win the battle.There will be no compost added to the area around the pond.I want it to stay poor soil to encourage Wildflowers.The Bee's have already been drawn to the Wildflower area.

This was the first day that the Harlow Carr Rose bloomed.It looks beautiful.It is named after the RHS garden in Harrogate.I have the Wisley rose too that my Mum sent me for Xmas in 2009.I think Roses are so pretty, and romantic.I think gardens need at least one (if not eleven Rose bushes like me).I still want a Dog Rose,some Climbing Roses, and a few more upright ones from David Austin.The David Austins have been bred by an expert, selected, and trialed before they go on sale.The price is more, but the Roses are superb in shape,colour, and health.Botanic Gardens around the world mass plant these I bet.

The last photo is of a Blue Tit eating fat balls from the cage that is closest to the house.These are amazingly agile birds, very quick, and hard to photograph.

Springwatch starts tonight on BBC2 from Wales.Kate Humble,Chris Packham,and Martin Hughes-Games present three weeks of wildlife watching from RSPB Ynyr-Hirs reserve.I love Springwatch.It is one of the tv highlights of the year.

Our garden is made for us, but is designed to attract wildlife,Bees, and Butterflies.Our pond has attracted Newts, and Frogs.The organic garden has a Hedgehog that visits to dine nightly on the slugs and snails.There are Pipestrelle Bats that fly around the house at twilight and night catching all the flying insects.We can hear the nearby Owls twit-a-wooing or screeching at night.All the wildlife is within a short distance of the house which is amazing.

The garden can attract wildlife, and be beautiful to look at.


Kathe W. said...

gorgeous garden- we have nary a rose yet- too cold and rainy I guess. The city nearby is called the Rose City and they have a Rose Festival early in June. And no blooming roses in all of Portland Oregon. This has never happened before.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks for your comment.Why are there no Roses blooming in Portland?Is it cold and wet?I have three blooming rose plants out of eleven.The weather has been warm and dry, except for today.

Janet said...

I think Teasels are the most statuesque plants and every garden should have some. We have several about to flower this year. We like them so much we named one of our cats Teasel.
I also like your header photograph of astrantias. I almost mistook it for my site for a minute. One of my favourite plants.

Celia said...

Some really nice snaps there - I can never get good photos of wildlife in the garden. Squirrels and birds just don't stay still enough!