Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Holiday

The garden is looking very lush and full of colour. We are going away for a week tomorrow so I hope that these pictures will keep the readers going. There is a lot of blog to read back through away. I can formulate blog posts when I'm away in the Forest Of Dean. The pond has cleared naturally with all the oxygenating plants. The Snapdragons and grasses have all grown really well, and the Wild flower seed mix has grown great since it started raining.

A new plant in the new garden is this Buddleja Black Knight. I'm hoping that it will draw Butterflies in from miles around. It has a musty earthy smell to it and beautiful dark purple flowers on the flower spike.

One of the Dahlias is almost ready to open. It is a two tone mix of orange/yellow. I wanted it to match the Orange and Yellow Roses. I always love the pomp and circumstance of the Dahlias, Aztec treasure flowers.

The last photo before the holiday is the lilac Larkspur. Cats Dad gave me a tray full of seedlings. They are flowering beautifully all around the garden in lilac, purple, blue, white, and mixed flowers. They have a nectar spur that is behind the flower, very much like a Columbine..
The birds are visiting the garden every day. The buzzing insects are now swarming around the flowers and today I even saw a Grasshopper on the corner of our uncut grass! A few Butterflies have flown through as well.
I am recharging the camera batteries for the holiday. We are going away for a week on a tent holiday, with no electricity point, so no laptop for a week.
Snappys gardens blog is on a summer break..


Anonymous said...

Snappy your pond looks great already! I am so impressed - now I definately want to do the same - so thats my project for the winter/spring. Thanks and have a great holiday!

Georgina said...

Hey Bruv! Hope you two enjoy the Forest of Dean. It's Hobbit Forest y'know, where Tolkien is alleged to have been inspired by all the troll bridges & whatnot. Love Sis x