Sunday, July 18, 2010

Morning Glory

I have been working night shifts so my posts have slowed down. I have just finished the third out of four. I came back home, boiled the kettle for a coffee, and topped up the bird feeders. As soon as I have come back inside they fly straight at the feeders.
The photo shows my Teasel flower head growing above the lime green of the Mexican Orange Blossom plant. I think the contrast was quite neat through the lens of the camera.
I need to blog some photos from the Great Yorkshire Show when i am off on monday.
The weather has turned wet and windy at last, after weeks of heat and no rain..

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Sue Swift said...

Lucky you - we're still sweltering. It's dropped a bit today - but only to 31°. Still better than the 36° we have been suffering. Sadly the "cool" is only going to last till Thursday ...