Monday, July 05, 2010

White Virgin Flower

Today my Madonna Lily finally flowered. This is the second year that it has bloomed. The white virginal flowers have massive yellow stamens dripping in pollen. It is extremely perfumed, and you can immerse yourself in its scent.
It is a perennial bulb that has been grown since the middle ages. I looked for a long time before I finally found the bulb at an Autumn flower show. Over the winter it produces slim green leaves from the crown and stores its energy ready for these magnificent July flowers.
It is an overcast day today. I'm waiting for the rain to fall and wet the garden and allotment. My pond needs topping up too through the rainwater.
I hope that after the Madonna Lily has finished blooming that I can plant it in a border somewhere in the garden. They can grow upto six feet high! I hope that the bulb increases in size too so I get more than one flower stem.
The flowers are so beautiful to look at. As white as freshly fallen snow.

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