Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rose MM

The White Rose Margaret Merrill has just bloomed yesterday. She has the wanderful fragrance of a traditional old Rose. Her leaves are nice and green with no Disease. I can stand sniffing the white Rose for ages..
This is the third year it has flowered. It grows tall so maybe can be grown up as a climber. It needs planting once I decide where the Rose part of the garden will be.
I have been to the allotment today where it rained hard. Tomorrow its the RHS members day at Tatton Park.
The Chelsea flower show of the north of England. I will be there photographing all the gardens...
I spent yesterday after nights walking around reacuanting myself with the garden. Looking at the pond, the flowering Snapdragons, watching the first summer Butterflys flit around, and seeing the masses of birds feeding, drinking, and bathing in our garden.
When the sun was shining it was heavenly..

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