Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Big Butterfly Count

This week its the Big Butterfly Count. I have been worried that i had not seen any brightly coloured Butterflies in our garden until this last week.
This Comma was photographed at the allotment last week. I have seen a few species fluttering through the garden but not alighting.
I have planted nectar rich flowers in the garden to try and entice the butterflies in. My favourite plant is the Buddleja..
2010 is the international year for biodiversity. The number of Butterflies present shows how well nature is faring. If things go wrong then the first sign is a decline in the number of Butterflies.
As a child I always used to see Red Admiral butterflies. I cannot remember when i saw one last. Are they still around in pockets of the UK?
The count is being run by the Butterfly Conservation charity. Their two main patrons are Sir David Attenborough, and Alan Titchmarsh. Two giants in their respective fields of Nature films, and Gardening.
I just printed off their widespread Species Pdf which is good for the not so technical Butterfly hunter to help you identify them. Its not easy as they are very skittish, and will fly away on a breeze..
The Butterfly hunt runs from the 24th July to !st August. If you are in the UK get counting and submit your results online. It takes fifteen minutes in a sunny place only..

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