Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Floral Delights

The Lady Emma Hamilton looked lovely before the heat wave began. The sun has shone, but it has not rained for ages. All the water has come from the hose pipe or the watering can.
The flower is beautiful and smells gorgeous. Unfortunately the hot dry conditions make the flowers droop.
For every flower blooming I am finding problems. The Roses have black spot on one plant (the Wisley), and the unknown Rose has gone completely yellow and looks sickly poorly.
I looked at my Apple tree today and found lots of red bugs hatched out eating the leaves and leaving sticky deposits on the small newly formed fruits.
The Pond is looking gorgeous, but something is eating all the green shoots from my pond plants. These oxygenators have been chewed down to the main stem. What is eating them?
The rain that has been forecast has not fallen at all. The conditions may be shocking my newly transplanted plants.
This is the first few months in the new garden. I am finding new problems but also great floral delights. Like the Rudyard Kipling poem goes meet both head on, triumph and disaster and treat them the same.
Gardening is instructive for the mind, body, and spirit.

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